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Oyster card payasyougo users must touch in at the start of a journey by london underground or dlr, and touch out again at the end. A visitor oyster card is the cheapest way to pay for single journeys on bus, tube, tram, dlr, london overground and most national rail train services in london. For more than a decade, tfl has used oyster, a preloaded contactless smartcard, as its ticketless payment system for fares on bus, tube, tram, dlr, london overground, tfl rail, emirates air line and most national rail services in london. The headline aspects of the 2015 tfl increases are. Fare zones 79 are ancillary zones of the travelcard and oyster card fares scheme managed by transport for london, used for calculating fares from some stations outside greater london that are not in zones 4, 5 and 6. Railcardgold card fares 2019 despite setting zonal fares a few years ago, the fare structure for rail journeys is incredibly complex and getting worse.

Nfc in transport for london setting a context for the role of nfc. You can choose how much credit to add to your card. Tfl used to have a series of pages on their website which described the various scales in great detail. Thameslink gatwick airport trains oyster or rail tickets. You can now use londons oyster cards and contactless payment options to pay for fares on the gatwick express, southern trains and thameslink trains between london and. You can check the balance on your visitor oyster card before leaving london at a tube, dlr or london overground station ticket machine or. I dont have a car but petrol fares for my family are terrible. Most adultrate pay as you go fares increased by 10p or 20p.

Off peak travelcards for under 16s without zip cards move to a consistent half price basis in 2015. Oyster frequently asked questions getting around london. We automatically calculate the cost of each journey you make based on how and when you travel and which zones you travel in. The oyster fare for any individual journey is the lowest fare available contactless card fares are identical to oyster. Simply show your visitor oyster card to benefit from fantastic offers and discounts in london. For each calendar day there is a fare cap the maximum you can pay in a single day on public transport and this is always less than the alternative 1 day travelcard. Discount fares apply to holders of any day travelcard or oyster card, including oyster payg. A full fares table for 2015 can be found attached in pdf format. Mayor introduces new parttime worker fare deal london. The pay as you go oyster card is the cheapest way to pay for single tickets on the underground. Oyster online transport for london oyster cards skip to site navigation. Reduces number of new oyster cards for the leisure tourism through users pay via their credit or debit card account on smartcard or nfc. Find out whats the best ticket for you and how to use contactless and oyster cards, view fares, check if you can get a refund or replacement and see if youre eligible for free and discounted travel.

If you use pay as you go payg on oyster or contactless to get around londons transport system, theres big news for you in next years fares. We use the oyster card every trip we take home almostempty cards and stow them for the inevitable next trip and top them up at the machine available in the stations. Nearest tube station piccadilly circus, oxford circus. Oyster card the cheapest way of getting around london take a look 2017 london transport fares londonist the world is your oyster how to get an card in london london travelcard public transport pass 2019 fares best tips take a look 2017 london transport fares londonist. The oyster card can only be used in the transport for london zones, which includes heathrow for bath, liverpool, stonehenge, windsor, york you will have to buy train tickets. A lot of the publicity for the new fares suggested that the daily caps for will be a 20% of the cost of the weekly travelcard but this doesnt seem to be correct when i look at the 2015 fares pdf.

You can now use the oyster card, londons public transport payment device of choice on most of londons rail system as well as londons buses, the underground and the docklands light railway dlr. Fares between two stations may vary depending on the direction of travel, time of day and day of the week. Your staff guide to fares and ticketing whatdotheyknow. The pay as you go credit on a visitor oyster card never expires so you can keep your card until your next visit to london, or lend it to friends and family. British rail fares and timetables from london explained. January is the date given so presumably sometime before 31st.

Most half adultrate pay as you go fares increased by 5p or 10p. Touch your visitor oyster card on the yellow card readers as you board a mbna thames clippers river bus, and touch out at the end of the journey. Oyster cards the oyster card is generally the easiest and cheapest way to pay to travel around london whether you are using tube, bus, tram, dlr, london overground or national rail services. A visitor oyster card is a quick and easy way to pay for journeys on bus. This page details all the london wide caps and travelcards which apply to rail travel. Order your oyster card travelcard, check oyster card prices or top up oyster pre pay. List of stations in london fare zones 7w wikipedia.

Case study contactless payments travel well in london. For lost or stolen oyster photocards, you can replace your card online or by phoning tfl on 0343 222 1234 option 1. Pay as you go fares using oyster or contactless payment cards are generally cheaper than. Pay as you go fares and daily caps are the same as oyster.

They are not included in the validity of national rail outboundary travelcards unless mentioned in the route. The oyster card readers automatically calculate the correct fare based on the start and end points of the journey and deduct that fare from the oyster card. Tfl is not liable for any fares paid while waiting for applications to be processed or photocards to be received. Plan your sightseeing adventure with our informative, comprehensive guidebook. Oyster is the cheapest way to pay for single journeys on bus, tube, tram, dlr, london overground and most national rail services in london. The cheapest fares are often advance tickets but note that these are valid on booked train only. Transport for london announces 2015 fares london message. If you do not have an account, use tfls online form or phone them on 0343 222 1234 option 2 then option 6 with your oyster card number and password. Pay as you go credit on an oyster card never expires it stays there. Find out the cost of a journey between any two stations on tube, dlr, london overground, tfl rail and national rail services where pay as you go contactless or oyster is accepted. Fares for travel at peak times increased by 5p or 10p.

Oyster online transport for london get an oyster card. The person using your oyster photocard or oyster card may be subject to a penalty fare andor prosecution. The payg contactless oyster bus and tram fare will increase by 5p to. It is so convenient to have the oyster card and there is a fare capping feature which means you wont pay more than a certain amount per day even if you take many rides. I wasnt about to try my oyster in case i got charged a maximum fare. As i am aged 82 and have a free pass, i am able to get out, but without it fares would be terrible. All train companies operating services into the london fare zones area accept valid. Explore more and pay less with a visitor oyster card thompsons. Up to 26% discount on emirates air line cable car tickets.

The card automatically calculates the best fare for your journey. As in 2015, child fares will be half the train company adult fare in 2016. Ticket types oyster can store season tickets travelcards as well as credit for single journeys pay as you go, and your card is fully reusable. For journeys in central london zone 1, ticket prices are more than 50% cheaper with an oyster card. I simply cant see how crossrails fares on the route to reading can diverge in any way from gwrs fares which creates all sorts of issues for the sorts of fare levels that oyster will handle in future. Travelcard season tickets were made available on electronic smart cards, known as oyster cards, from 2003 and by 2005 transport for london ceased selling. Oyster and national rail daily caps and travelcards 2015. The child offpeak oyster cap for zones 1 to 6 is frozen at.

Travelcard season prices from 2 january 2015 continued. Explore more and pay less with a visitor oyster card groundline. Similar precedents were set by greater anglia remaining responsible for shenfields fares and lnwr being responsible at watford. Oyster photocards allow the holder to travel free or to buy tickets at reduced rates. A visitor oyster card is a pay as you go smart card that comes preloaded with money for travel around london. Oyster is a plastic smartcard you can use instead of paper tickets.

You cannot get an oyster card with a discounted or childrate season ticket from oyster online. Oyster card london transport pass explained with fares for. An adult 7day travelcard for zones 12 zone 1 covers all of central london will increase from. In fact for a couple of days last week they seemed to be set to oyster only as key cards were registering as unknown card. These may have expiry dates of march 31 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019 or. The oyster card is a payment method for public transport in london in the united kingdom. Day trips outside london which travel card can we use.

You dont need to top up your card before you travel or worry about running out of credit. Tfl fares apply to all journeys entirely on tfl rail services and some inter available train operating. You can choose the amount of pay as you go credit to add to your card to pay for your travel on public transport in london. Volumes of new oyster card issuance are in excess of 500,000 cards per month which tfl.

Contactless payments travel well in london mastercard. A5 staff guide to fares and ticketing book 1 fares section 2 january. Fares on rail services transferred to tfl in may 2015 and may 2018. Daily caps and travelcards 2015 this page contains 2015 fares. The oyster machines are installed and working at redhill. Volumes of new oyster card issuance are in excess of. Under the consumer rights act 2015, the train services we offer must be provided with. Travelcards are available on oyster with validity in these zones. Oyster online transport for london oyster cards skip to site navigation skip to page navigation skip to content skip to footer. Child rate offpeak pay as you go fares for 1115 zip oyster photocard holders are frozen.

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