Anytone at 5555 v6 software programs

The simple installation of usb cable drivers changed with operating systems after winxp. Programming software by rt systems for anytone radios. Choose the software linked below that matches your radio manufacturer and model number. I bought an anytone at 778uv with program cable and it came without software, wondering if chirp can create something to program this radio or if this is a knockoff of some radio already that i can use existing software. We have 1 anytone at5555 manual available for free pdf download. For easier initial frequency programming, copy and paste, and importing frequency files from previous radios you may want to consider using the chirp programming software found below. Once i ot that sorted out, i was able to retask one of the band segments so that i could listen around 27. I had a 10 meter radio that would work on both 10 and 11 meters. The stock programming software will allow access to all features and options such as. Your first steps are in place, and you can now proceed onto modifying the template with your settings. Thinking of getting a anytone at5555 worldwidedx radio forum. Here are the new features added to anytone atd868uv firmware 2. Select the serial port you intend to use from the drop down menu.

Anytone at5555n 10 meter amateur radio for truck, with ssbfmampa. Flexible menu function and pc programming software. Delboys radio blog, yaesu, kenwood, icom, cb radio, ham radio, amateur radio, dx, mods, antenna, president electronics, grant 2, lincoln 2, crt, uniden, anytone. Our software is designed for windows operating systems.

I like the dual set of controls, like having two radios in one. How to install the anytone usb driver and device software. Programmed anytone at5555 v6 10m 11m multimode am fm usb lsb ebay usb programming cable for alpha 10 max ma anytone. Many people have emailed about the software for this radio and indeed some i have sent via email and seems they are very well used. You can manage, edit and print out the radio data on a pc, and transfer data back to the radio or share with others. Buy anytone at 5555 1011 meter all mode radio am fm usb lsb cw pa with fast shipping and toprated customer service. Anytone at5555n 10 meter cb mobile walkie talkie two. The stock image may come in handy if you need to simply start with a fresh template, also our techs may ask you to send the file in the event of a software or warranty issue.

View and download anytone at 5555 user manual online. Foxtrot bravo discussion forums other stuff anytone. Anytone at5555 v6 1011 metre multimode mobile transceiver. Comes till 30105 so no need unlock via software, memory channels are dead easy via button press, colours etc. This is traditional solution, support dmr or dpmr 6. Br9000 pc software instructions and download 10 meter radio comtex csdx anytone at5555hannover br9000 maas dx5000 installation. Anytone at6666 allmode 10 meter mobile 60 watts ssb 360. Rt systems software works with windows 7, windows 8, windows 8. Most,but not all, of the software included here is licence free. The software which programs the radio frequencies and all other user defined aspects of the operation is called a codeplug. The at 5888uv programmer is designed to give you the ease and convenience of programming the memories and set. Free us shipping brand new anytone at5555 v6 all mode 10 meter mobile radio free us shipping.

Programming usb program cable for motorola mobile radio all maxtrac maxtracs. Software downloads cornish amateur radio station g4kaw. When its time to upgrade your anytone handheld radios with new programming software, download our software to ensure your radios are updated quickly and accurately. Find great deals on ebay for anytone at5555 and cb radio. Anytone at5555 data file the tool helps you analyze the following anytone 5555 software downloadrelated keyword data. Firmware updates and programming software cps for our radios can be downloaded at the following links. Anytone anytone at5555 10meter cb radio,citizen band radio. Table of contents swr standing wave ratio before transmitting. If its the ss6900 software which dat files do i use. Select the correct vendor and if necessary the appropriate model. Thinking of buying a second one of these for the other mobile anytone dual band radio. The best cbham rig ever anytone at5555 ver 6, with custom.

Creating a codeplug is a bottom up process where the lowest common elements must be created first, then built upon until a fully functional codeplug, that can be loaded into a radio, has been created. Jun, 2014 honestly it is not really worth to release the software. This makes downloading our anytone handheld programming software fast and easy. I have been told one of the microphone pins in the radio is live, is it still possable to wire the turner to the radio, if so does anyone have a wiring configuation for the above. Apart from changing the bands how you want them if software and radio can do this there is really no need for the software. Download anytone handheld radio programming software. Sq, asq function fm and am mode only rf gain adjustment. Frequency tuning step 100hz, 1khz, 10khz, 100khz, 1mhz 1. Superstar crt ss 6900 n v6 cb radio 10m 11m ssb uk40 programmed export version. One of my wouxun mobile radios is too confusing while underway as to which radio i am controlling. This is because prolific, the maker of the chip that the chinese copied, released a driver that will not work with the chinese cables. I still had to fiddle and faff somewhat as i didnt realise that my anytone had v4 software in it rather than v3. This is probably because it is set to either cb band mode or 10m band mode. Anytone anytone at5555n 10 meter cb mobile brand of radio.

Steve g0oyq ham radio cables usb drivers windows click here prolificv1. Find great deals on ebay for anytone at 5555 and anytone at6666. Jan 06, 20 does the anytone 5555 have an actual version 6. Direct usb pc programming cable for anytone at 5555n 10 meter cb transceiver. The best cbham rig ever anytone at5555 ver 6, with. A wide variety of anytone 5555 options are available to you, there are 12 suppliers who sells anytone 5555 on. Quite flexible yet keeping an analog look and feel. Icom uk two way radio transceivers, receivers and navigation products. Ok so im buying a at5555 the dealer tells me its a v5 board but i need to download v6 software. Atp5189 programming software for the anytone at5189. It will program your radio with both the uk and eu cb frequencies and the 10 meter amateur. Anytone tech provides usb cables that plug into your computer windows, osx, linux and will work with your systems default drivers. Moreover, with multiple connecting ports in the radio, at 55 55 ra dio is ready for future upg rading and functions expanding. Anytone at5888uv at 5888 uv at5888uv programming interface schematics for anytone at5888uv at 5888 uv at5888uv.

How to re program an intek hr 5500 radio transceiver youtube. Crt ss 6900 programming guide downloading software. Direct usb pc programming cable for anytone at5555n 10 meter cb transceiver. Anytone usb programming cable for at5555n 10 meter radio. At 5888uv programming software for the anytone at 5888uv the atp5888uv programmer is designed to give you the ease and convenience of programming the memories and set menu options of your radio from your pc. Pdf user manual for anytone at5888uv at 5888 uv at5888uv.

By brian, mw0gkx you may find that your v6 wont program with the frequencies you want. Failure to do so may result in destruction of the power amplifier. Mac osx and linux users are recommended to use a virtual machine to run our windows programming software. The rig described the anytone at5555 clearly shows its origins as a transceiver designed for the cb radio market on 27mhz.

Also i have been hearing issues with these radios being 100hz off. Anytone at5555 software frequency adjustment 26dt1496. Maas dx5000 software pc download and manual radioaficion. Anytone handheld radio programming software we offer the most uptodate anytone radio programming software for handheld models. Anytone at 5555 1011 meter all mode radio am fm usb lsb. Atp5189 programming software for the anytone at 5189 optional signaling optional code squelch mode tx power skip step dtmf ptt id 5tone ptt id scrambler switch compander additional display comment receive frequency transmit frequency offset frequency offset direction channel spacing name tone mode ctcss rx ctcss dcs rx dcs dcs polarity memory. Anytone at 5555 10 meter all mode radio am fm usb lsb pa. Usb programming cable and software for anytone at 6666 ebay. Big lcd displays frequency and all kinds of information.

Anytone at5555 manual english amateur radio cables. Anytone at 5555 or at 6666 cb radio,am fm ssb mobile radio two way radio. Iaw, is there a true version 6 radio released that uses the 6. No repeater shift you need to use the programming software to get that to work. Oct, 2014 by simonthewizard october, 2014 10m radios amateur radio at5555 programming cable at6666 avanti radios citizens band radio crt9900 export mode made in china qixiang software team ham mobilecom 1011. Software along with entering data in the conventional manner, the software allows you to import and export data to csv files. Radio programming software for the anytone at 5888uv. If your radio model is not available in the list above, please contact the radio dealer that the radio was purchased from. Anytone at5555 manuals manuals and user guides for anytone at5555. Usb cables free delivery possible on eligible purchases. The anytone d868uv radio was developed to conform to the dmr tier i and ii requirements. My advice is if you are going to use that radio, stay in the cb band and out of the ham freqs.

At5888uv programming software for the anytone at5888uv. Flexible menu functions and pc programming software to meet varied customer. I have just purchased a anytone at5555 version5 radio. Avoid counterfeit cables our ftdi cable is plug n play. The software allows programming of all functions through an easytouse interface that eliminates the need to use your radios buttons to control the download. Anytone at5555 software frequency adjustment having come across an anytone at5555 that was off frequency from the factory, i have discovered how to adjust the oscillator from the front panel, so its now back on frequency. Wholesale anytone radio from china anytone radio wholesalers directory. When its time to upgrade your anytone handheld radios with new programming software, download our software to ensure. Brand new anytone at6666 all mode 10 meter mobile radio. Plug the end of the programming cable with the white connector in here and run cable to front and on the other side of the main circuit board and out notch in chassis at the rear of radio. Flexible menu functions and pc programming software to meet varied customer demands. Buy anytone usb programming cable for at 5555n 10 meter radio.

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