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The way i see it, is that toph cant win because katara would go into the ocean. Azula was one who attacked her opponents, and her attacks were quite stellar. In a 1 v 1 situation, who would win, katara or azula. Terra may be incredibly powerful, can travel faster, and hold abilities toph would not have, many akin to what avatarlevel benders could achieve, but toph had all the tools to win. Mar 27, 2018 katara is seen from the start of the show to have the capability to bend, but lacks the proper method and teaching. And in the third case, toph is basically blind as her seismic sense gets invalidated. But what if they had met and battled when both were at their prime. And katara didnt use blood bending unless she was fighting someone horrible who could be stopped no other way, or when she was blinded by her grief. Dam, zivon, and hazzamo look at the weapons, armor, and abilities of the warriors of fiction before them to decide who would win a death battle. I do not own avatar the last airbender i only own this story and their wonderful merchandise. Katara, aang, toph, sokka, and the earth king ride away from. The last airbenders toph could beat bumi in a fight.

Even at close combat, where azula has the advantage, toph could use her earth armor to gain both enough protection and further physical streangh, which should be enough, as we have seen in azulas fight against aang in the drill. Toph and katara it kinda looks like theyre celebrating the burn of the city behind them avatar the last airbender katara x toph bei fong katoph see more. I mean amon fought korra but he was using bloodbending and it was uninteresting. The last airbender 10 best fights of season 3 screen rant. Azula attacks zuko who blocks all her attacks while sokka attacks azula with his sword who in turn dodges them all. I think if it was a duel between katara and azula, katara would win. Terra may have to power to affect any mineralbased object on the planet, but toph s. Katara ask toph what she have in her hands, and toph dont know, because she is blind. By the time aang and his friends discover toph at the tournament, she had become champion, holding a 420 win loss record. Will amons bloodbending prove too much, or will katara rise above the equalist and claim victory. Round 1 toph will win every time, displaces a lot more earth than katara can water.

So can both earth and water benders bend mud since its a mix of the two. Sakura punches the ground, azula, katara, and toph proceed to become paste. You dont expect to be in love with aang forever, do you. The last airbender, and over the course of the series, the two earthbending prodigies repeatedly prove theyre capable of taking down entire armies on their own when necessary. Her earthbending is incredible, matched only by king bumi.

Well this one is purely based on time frame, it could go either way depending on when the fights are taking place, 12 year old narutos 12 year old aang would be fair, year old naruto vs year old aang would be one sided. The last airbender smoke and shadow about a resistance force in the fire nation against fire lord zuko, who at the end of the original series assumed the. She has a very strong friendship with toph, even though they are polar opposites and frequently butt heads. His skills with water, fire, and earth may not be as fine tuned as theirs, but he has the advantage of having not only all 4 elements, but the avatar state. I make no profit off this story and toph and katara do not belong to me, but the story is mine. This will boil down to toph and korra which is also a tricky one. Famous and infamous characters of tv, movies, comics, games, and lore will be brought to life to see who will be left alive.

Also, katara and toph get a cucumber facial and toph then used earthbending to make the cucumbers stick out like alien eyestalks, terrifying one of the attendants. Toph in battles of the benders enjoy the sun began to take mid point in the sky, and the gaang was moving along with their day. The character, created by michael dante dimartino and bryan konietzko, is voiced by mae whitman in the original series and eva marie saint in the sequel series. While aang grapples with a lifechanging decision that only he can make as the avatar, toph and katara implore himfrom opposite sidesto choose a path. Apr 04, 2015 katara has a range of relationships with a range of female characters. A few of the ones i think would be cool are as follows.

While i think zuko is stronger in this round than in round 2, katara was able to defeat a crazy comet enhanced azula, so it could go either way. Who would win in a fight, jinora, toph, katara, or zuko. She enjoyed fantasizing about how katara would look, but she knew very well that she would never get to see her. Spirit several years haveing passed since the end of the war and a new era of peace began. The last airbender posted on july, 2012 june 9, 20 by jo this post in the first in a series of planned posts on my favourite feminist characters and female role models in books and tv.

Yang vs toph azula vs pyrrha adam vs zuko with swords katara vs weiss and i have no idea who would win any of these. Sep 09, 2014 katara and toph bend the waterearth mixture back into the drill, which has the dual advantage of keeping ty lee at bay and building pressure in the drill, which will make aangs final blow that. Toph s independent and adventurous personality led to her gaining many friends. Containing herself no longer, katara stood up and charged the earthbender just as she turned to show off that reliefmap back and rockhard backside. Just as zuko, katara, and toph are masters of their respective elements, he is a master of all of them. Kyoshi hopped into aangs vacated seat beside her father. Sakura naruto vs toph, katara, azula avatar naruto has such weird powerscaling that ill say the useless emotional support has the advantage over 3 element bending warriors. Im sorry if it seems obvious, but its not just because he can use fire and ice. Crossposted on under etymockery, originally published aug 23, 2016. Despite being a joke compared to naruto and sasuke, sakura is still leagues above avatar characters. So if anyone has a chance of winning, itd be katara. This book is a sequel to the first book where toomi, megumi and sachi will analyse and research on characters to determine the winner of the matchup. Book 3, if katara and tophs fight was not interrupted, which of the two would have come out on top.

Katara reaches over, a hesitant hand at toph s cheek, before she drops it. Zuko vs katara vs toph vs young aang iroh vs azula. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. This is end of series aang vs end of series katara, zuko, and toph. By the time aang and his friends discover toph at the tournament, she had become champion, holding a 420 winloss record. Aang may be the avatar, but katara proved during this particular fight and. Well, ive never read harry potter, so im just going off the last airbender. Old man zuko was running around trying to fight the red lotus, showing that he still might have the capacity to fight. Shes quickly surpassed by aang the second he starts to learn alongside her. Battle takes place in a rocky terrain with a massive rriver running through it. Katara has to cut through the rockmetal toph encases herself in, which would take a long time and would be tiring.

I believe toph and katara are the best fighters and i wanted to dedicate a story to them. She realizes that metal contains small amount earth, which she can manipulate. If kuvira can get a metal band past toph s defenses quick enough, grab her by the wrist or ankle and lift her in the air, that would be a major problem for toph. Interesting, why do you think katara wins so easily.

She both loves and is frustrated by her grandmother, who took care of her after her mothers death. Beifang tuofu is a fictional character in nickelodeons animated television series avatar. Toph and bumi are two of the most memorable and powerful heroes in avatar. And even in korra she was still uncontested the greatest. Katara and amon, two master waterbenders who are about to fight to the end to see who is superior. So much ice that i question whether or not zuko could make that much fire even during soz. Katara said as ai li zhen climbed on top of her fathers lap. Korra is better overall bender, but aangs avatar state can draw from more knowledge and is. Dec 17, 2018 i doubt eos toph could pull off what kuvira did against the bandits with just metalbending, or that she could dominate su in close combat like kuvira did. She was worse when she was distracted, as toph struck an incredible double bicep pose. She was an incredibly powerful earthbender for her age, and while katara was also very strong i dont feel like shes at the same range of power or precision as toph.

Twenty years after the conclusion of the hundred year war, toph gave birth to a daughter, lin, who inherited her earthbending abilities and also similarly mastered the subskills of metalbending and seismic sense. Ka tala is a fictional character in the nickelodeon animated television series avatar. Toph fought frequently in earth rumble, an earthbending lei tai tournament resembling professional wrestling, under the alias blind bandit. She could just freeze him in water, and if he freezes her, kata. This is an actual excerpt from an interview with mike and bryan, the gods of the avatarverse. Bakugo vs azula rematch grace vs battles wiki fandom. May 14, 2019 team avatar faces their most dangerous foe yet as the bender vs. Shes faster, stronger, more durable, has great regen, and could oneshot anyone in the verse. The fact that there are more prolific water benders than katara out there shows toph would win. It seems that given the parameters of this matchup, most people agree that the krew would win.

The moment katara starts surfing, tophs advantageand ability to fight, reallyare basically gone, and toph cant win. Who would win the avatar worldbenders or the naruto. Toph was so great that she was an avatars teacher the same cant be said for katara. What 1v1 fights do you think would be cool and who do you think would win. My moneys on naruto because they are stronger, faster, and smarter than the avatar failures. Korra didnt meet toph until later in the earthbenders life. At their theroetical peaks so police chief toph and master healer katara who do you think would be able to edge out a victory. But thats really more katara defeating herself, imo. But if the two ever came to blows, who would win a fight. Above her was a banner that read win a date with katara. Katara and toph were the main combatants and heavy hitters of the group, while sokka was the tactician, often. Katara also demonstrates the ability to bend sweat and the ability to manipulate mud with toph, who manipulates the dirt while katara controls the water.

In episode 12 of book 3, zuko shows that he is willing to and wants to help the avatar in defeating his father. I dont know if katara would win if azula wasnt unhinged like she was in the finale. Who would win in a fight, subzero or katara, and why. Korra and katara can handle any of them in a oneonone fight, katara and toph is kinda tough but toph would win, korra would beat azula, but azula katara is kinda tricky, toph and korra is like a stalemate to me.

On top of that, toph could avoid sight through a dust cloud, since she is alone here. Mostly because our idea of the rwby characters fighting ability is still vague. I do not own the clips, they are owned by nickelodeon and all people. Instead, katara shufflers closer, and rests her head on toph s shoulder, holding on as tight. Both katara and toph are in character but determined to win. Im in an argument with someone, and i would appreciate some insight. Toph beifong is a fictional character in nickelodeons animated television.

She attacks with amazing physical capabilities, immense power, and excellent tactics. Sakura naruto vs toph, katara, azula avatar reddit. Toph vs legend of korra page 2 spacebattles forums. Toph is a natural bender, and the most powerful of her time. It would not take much for her to simply sink everyone into a pit of quicksand. Why did katara outmatchdefeat azula nearly all the time. The tale of katara by michael teitelbaum goodreads. Katara is one of the few waterbenders born with the subability of healing injuries or wounds, first demonstrated after she is burned by aangs first attempt at firebending. S3e8 the runaway the runaway is the seventh episode of book three. Naruto and dat other guy himura kenshin would win if you want to know why email me.

If the warehouse floor is made of concrete, she might be able to move it. We have never actually seen sakura go up against a ninja that used waterbased jutsu as their speciality. The return of the air nomads via energybending balance was once again restored to the four nations. Sakura is fte and can cause mini earthquakes with a single punch. Mar 03, 2020 katara, i feel that katara is able to take this because her flash freezer works differently from that of other characters and because she can control water on a bigger scale than him. The 15 best fights from avatar the last airbender cbr. Twenty years after the conclusion of the hundred year war, toph gave birth to a daughter, lin, who inherited her earthbending abilities and. If toph can wait until kataras exhausted, she can take it. Azula would have to harm aang or sokka or anyone deeply close to katara for katara to resort to bloodbending, and even then, katara would need a full moon. At that point, none of them trusted zuko, so the other three are keeping an eye on him. Iroh walks in on some kids who just broke a window.

Song popular from wicked original broadway cast recording2003. For the whole anticipation about kuvira possibly fighting toph, i think that, due to toph s advanced age as well as an excerpt from the actual creators, kuvira might actually win. The last airbender the rift, shifts the focus to aang, the creation of republic city, and tophs relationship with her family. The last airbender and the legend of korra, voiced by jessie flower in the original series and kate higgins and philece sampler in the sequel series toph is an extremely talented and masterful earthbenderi. Maybe if she could touch katara, the way toph touched herself, she could no.

And since ninjas can all jump unnaturally high, she could just jump around and hit her from above. He was a disgraced prince looking to win back favor with his kingdom by. Theres so much more variety in it than avatar, so dont give any bull crap about how avatar has the four elements since naruto just has many many more jutsus. This page is comprised of toph beifongs relationships with other characters in the world of avatar. Sep 29, 2011 one of my oldest video and one of the most popular katara vs toph the battle to end all battles. Twinkle toes showed us that tophs seismic sense can be exploited, but i think its much harder to dodge earth, than it is for toph to evade the water. From 2007 to 2009, nickelodeon released region 2 dvds, which can play in europe. Feb 28, 2020 korra didnt meet toph until later in the earthbenders life. Xdd yeps this scene is soo touching and i actually really liked tokka from this. So it depends on to what extent the combatants are holding back. The season revolves around the protagonist aang and his friends katara and sokka going on a journey. The opponents that sakura devastates are closeranged fighters due to her taijutsu, medical jutsu. With four combatants, it can go any way, but toph has a distinct advantage over zuko and katara.

First of all, how much of an advantage their elements give them. The name of the episode is, the firebending masters. Katara vs juvia james bond vs jason bourne captain america vs deathstroke batman vs subzero. Toph and katara can look hot and sexy when they want and kick ass when the want you have been enlightened with girl knowledge toph and katara as young adults. Water vs fire katara and zuko earth vs earth earth rumble 6 earth vs fire tons of examples earth vs air aang and bumi fire vs fire zuko and zhao, zuko and azula fire vs air zukoazula vs aang but we have never seen an airbender fight a waterbender. Jul, 2019 no one has pointed this out yet, so i will. See who would win in this epic showdown between avatar korra and.

With a thud, and a few wobbly steps, toph stood her ground. His kindred spirit on the road of peace would have to be iroh, zukos uncle. Toph didnt learn to metalbend until book 3, so that location seems brutal for her. Katara was older than toph, and much more of a female. This time when toph and katara go at each other in the chase aang in unable to calm them down and they go at it. Her blocking attacks from katara, zuko, aang and toph isnt enough to no sell bakugou since aang was 9a with air back then, katara is like 2 tons with water bending though she literally just threw water at azula and it wasnt even like a water whip, zuko is 1. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page.

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